America’s week from hell: Three pipe bombs sent to two former Presidents, a racist shoots two African-Americans after trying to enter a Kentucky black church and a gunman kills eight at a Pittsburgh synagogue

  • A white gunman opened fire on the Tree of Life Congregation Synagogue in Pittsburgh on Saturday morning 
  • The synagogue was packed for a Sabbath service and had no security
  • Earlier this week a man was arrested in Florida for mailing 14 pipe bombs to high-profile liberals including President Clinton and Obama
  • In another incident a man in Louisville attempted to break into a black church but upon finding it was locked he shot dead two people at a supermarket

The past week has been one of extraordinary violence in the United States.

It has been one in which an alleged white supremacist sent 14 pipe bombs to prominent democratic supporters including two former Presidents; a man who killed two people at a Kroger grocery store in Kentucky tried to enter a black church minutes before the fatal shooting; and on Saturday, a gunman appears to have killed at least eight people at a Pittsburgh synagogue.

Some commentators have suggested such news had ‘an air of inevitability’- the result of the culmination of what has is a violent time in political culture.

With a nation divided, violence seems to permeates political dialogue and sometimes erupts at political events.