Dhimmitude: Joyeux Noël… pour combien de temps encore? (No Christmas, please: we’re British!)

 Au moment où la chrétienté s’apprête à fêter la naissance de son prophète Jésus (le jour, il est vrai, de la fête romaine et donc païenne du soleil), une étude publiée par un cabinet d’avocats britannique (merci Baf) nous interpelle: combien de temps encore ?

Après les croix des drapeaux de la Croix rouge et maintenant d’Angleterre (comme ont commencé à le demander certains leaders musulmans ou même dhimmis anglais de souche eux-mêmes), les fêtes de la tradition chrétienne comme Noël (avant un jour la Bible pour incitation à la violence?) vont-ils finir (surtout si en plus les rabbins s’y mettent!) par être interdits en Occident comme dans la plupart des pays musulmans?

C’est ce que semble indiquer cette récente enquête montrant que les trois-quart des entreprises britanniques interdisent déjà les décorations de Noël par peur d’offusquer les membres d’autres religions.

Firms ‘ban festive decorations’


Christmas decorations have been banned by almost three out of four UK employers, for fear of offending staff from other faiths, a survey says.

The study found that 74% of managers were not allowing any festive decorations in their workplaces this year, an increase on 71% in 2005.

Bosses also felt that Christmas trees and tinsel made offices unprofessional, said employment law experts Peninsula.

Its survey spoke to 2,300 employers across the UK.

‘Political correctness culture’

« Christmas trees and decorations may well be a thing of the past in many workplaces this Christmas as political correctness culture has spread to the workplace, » said Peter Done, managing director of Peninsula.

« Although employers who are enforcing the ban are sceptical and dismayed by this trend, they feel that they have little choice in the matter due to the threat of litigation; as they have to protect themselves, their reputation and their livelihood. »

A separate festive report suggests that workers are increasingly having to spend their own money at office Christmas parties.

Only a third of UK workers are now given a completely free night at their annual festive bash, according to supermarket chain Somerfield, which spoke to 1,200 adults.

English Agency Bans English National Flag
News/Comment; Posted on: 2004-06-12

Manchester Probation Service says traditional St. George’s flag may not be displayed.

The Politically Correct insanity which adjudges every expression of pro-White sentiment to be ‘evil,’ has struck England’s Greater Manchester Probation Service, which is now prohibiting its agents from displaying the English flag — popular for both patriotic and sporting reasons — because, according the news site This Is Bolton, « the national emblem had been highjacked in the past by extreme political parties such as the British National Party. »

This Is Bolton: ‘The probation service across Greater Manchester has banned employees from flying the English flag from their cars while visiting clients. …Probation service chiefs believe the flag sends out a negative message and could cause upset and offence to certain sections of society. They issued a memo to hundreds of workers in the Greater Manchester Probation service, including more than 100 staff based in Bolton.’

What is left unsaid in the This Is Bolton article is that a disproportionate number of the ‘clients’ of probation officers (the clients are all individuals who have been convicted of crimes and released under supervision of the officers) are non-Whites, who, far from assimilating to English or British culture, find any expression of the traditions or symbols of any White European people to be ‘offensive.’ Thus we have seen bans on the Shamrock (an Irish and Irish-American symbol) and the Confederate Flag in the United States, as well as instances in which Blacks have openly refused to pledge allegiance to the American flag.

This Is Bolton: ‘But angry staff have hit out at the ban and said they had wanted to fly the St George’s flag with pride ahead of tomorrow’s England game against France in the Euro 2004 finals. One employee based at the Bolton probation offices in St Helena Mill, St Helena Street said: « I’m furious that our bosses see fit to tell us what we can or cannot put on our own cars. We are trusted to go out every day to deal with murderers, rapists, paedophiles and other criminals, and we always show great sensitivity when we deal with the public. We have a high level of responsibility in our jobs and it’s a bit insulting to be told when we can fly flags on our own vehicles, especially when everyone in town is euphoric and driving round with flags on display everywhere. It’s very condescending to be told by management that you will not do this because somebody might or might not be offended. »

‘The employee also said the memo had been heavily criticised by staff using the probation service’s internal communications network – so much so that management had closed down the discussion sessions.

‘A Home Office spokeswoman said: « We took the decision to ban flying the St George’s flag during working hours following concerns expressed by staff.

‘ »It is a sensitive issue where the BNP have used the flag of St George as their emblem and this would send out the wrong message when we go into certain areas of the community.’

National Vanguard would like to know what kind of malicious criminal would purposely import non-Whites into White neighborhoods and intentionally create a situation in Britain or any White country in which the very symbols of that country are so ‘offensive’ that they must be banned when entering ‘certain areas of the community.’

The fact that a Home Office spokeswoman was quoted indicates that the issue may go well beyond Greater Manchester — and the repeated references to the BNP indicate that a desperate anti-BNP campaign has corrupted public offices of every kind across Britain, some of its agents even stooping so low as to ban English flags on the off chance that someone seeing one might think it was displayed in support of the patriotic, pro-White party. An nationwide investigation of this corruption is called for.

The article continues: ‘…The offending memo said: « We have received a note of concern about members of staff displaying flags in offices and vehicles while at work.

‘ »While it is understood that people want to show their support for the England team, we are sensitive that our national flag has been used in a negative context and causes upset and offence. »

‘ »As an organisation, we value diversity and want to develop a sense of inclusiveness.

‘ »Our intentions therefore are that national flags or similar emblems should not be displayed on or around probation premises untless they are a requirement of the building.

‘ »We also ask that staff do not display flags or emblems while undertaking probation business. We thank you for your co-operation in that regard. »

‘Thousands of motorists, taxi drivers and homes across the borough have been flying the flag of St George for weeks in the lead-up to Euro 2004, which starts today.’

This anti-White insanity doesn’t affect only flags, and it isn’t just happening in England, either: In America, in areas where the non-White population has essentially taken over, White standards of behavior and culture have been rejected or abandoned, history books are being rewritten to minimize or even omit the role of Whites (except as ‘oppressors’) and the names of streets, schools, and public buildings are being changed to eliminate references to Whites like George Washington. The tragedy is that Whites — particularly White children and students — are harmed by these acts.

As Whites begin to stand together in greater and greater numbers, this insanity will stop.

Christmas trees return to Seattle airport
Tue Dec 12, 2006 4:24 PM ET

SEATTLE (Reuters) – Seattle airport officials have put back the 14 Christmas trees that were taken down in response to a local rabbi’s request to include a giant Menorah in the airport’s holiday decorations.

The Port of Seattle, the airport’s operator, decided to put back the trees late on Monday after receiving assurances from Rabbi Elazar Bogomilsky that his organization, Chabad Lubavitch, would not pursue a lawsuit seeking to have a Menorah included in the airport’s holiday decorations.

« There’s been such an outcry from the public — from people of all faiths — who believe that the trees should be reinstalled, » Port of Seattle Commission President Pat Davis said in a statement.

A menorah was not added to the display when the Christmas trees were reinstalled, but the port said it plans to work with the rabbi and other members of the community to develop a plan for next year’s holiday decorations at the airport.

The removal of the trees sparked a public outcry over what some say was political correctness run amok and part of a trend to adopt a secular tone toward Christmas.

« This is Seattle, and the rule is never offend anyone, even if the offense is benign as wishing passers-by Happy Holidays. Sheesh, » the Seattle Times wrote in an editorial.

Bogomilsky insists — and the Port of Seattle confirmed — that his organization never asked for the trees to be taken down, but the rabbi received hate mail and angry messages from upset people.

Bogomilsky was not immediately available for comment.

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